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Welcome to Blacksea Property Group, Inc.

Blacksea Property Group,Inc. is a US registered Corporation since 2007. Through its wholly owned Romanian subsidiary, SC Black Sea Global SRL, the parent company is selling properties in Romania, buying agricultural lands and forestry and currently developing a Residential project and an office project in Bucharest.Our goal is to build a diversified portfolio of properties that will generate income for us and for our shareholders in the decades to come.

Blacksea Property Group,Inc. also provides institutional sales support for financial services companies. Mutual funds, asset management companies, real estate and private equity companies are only a few of our existing clients. Our experience combined with the resources, the know how in the local business environment and our local and international network make us a reputable partner. There is an increasing need for raising capital in Romania due to an increasing number of startups and new businesses and projects. We use our financial sales support in the international markets by creating value for both parties of the trade: the seller and the buyer.

Property Development in Romania

Our main OBJECTIVES are strategic property development, acquisition and conversion of land from agricultural to residential or industrial for the Romanian subsidiary.

Our MISSION is to build a portfolio of properties, increase their value and capitalize on it over years, as we achieve the targeted profit for each property.

Our main GOAL is to generate conservative and stable profits over the medium to long term. For more details regarding our projects contact us today.

The Romanian real estate market is a fast growing market, with attractive price and a very big demand for residential units, making us confident in the success of our strategy .We consider real estate and land investments a conservative placement on the long term and current market conditions make our acquisitions very attractive.

We guarantee professionalism and excellent services. Contact us today!

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