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At 3.7 percent, Romania had one of the highest growths in the European Union (EU) in 2015, driven primarily by the domestic demand. Over the last 26 years, the country has made considerable progress in developing the institutions for a market economy. Joining the European Union (EU) in 2007 was a driving force for reform and modernization.

EU estimates a 4,2 % economic increase for 2016 and 3.7% increase for 2017 with a low inflation and very low unemployment rate and most importantly, in today’s world, a relatively low public debt, when compared with other EU member states.

This makes Romanian economy one of the highest increasing ones in the EU, and an important factor is the stability of Romania and pro EU orientation of most Romanians, when compared with its direct competitors for FDI( Foreign Direct Investments) Poland, Hungary, Check Republic .Another very important aspect of its future prospects it the current situation in Ukraine and also Turkey, where uncertainty due to conflicts in Ukraine and increasing number of terrorist attacks in Turkey makes Romania very attractive and a very safe destination for large and also small investors.

Bucharest is the capital city and the main hub in the country, with an income of 30% above the average income in the EU , however, in the past years, several other cities are growing very fast and becoming important destinations for both investments and tourist, cities like Cluj , Timisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Oradea and others.

A very important aspect in the future years will be the ability to spend the EU funds in the next EU financial exercise, 2014-2020, funds that just started to be accessed by member states.The allocation for Romania is 22.4 Billion Euros, which properly spent in the infrastructure system and not only will have a major positive impact in the economical increase of the country.

Lower prices, good economic growth prospect, higher wages, stable currency, lower interest rates, foreign direct investments and increase in tourism are some of the most important factors that make the Romanian economy very attractive over the next 5-10 years, offering investors the security that only an EU member can provide.

Known as Dracula’s country, Romania is a fascinating place where the old meets the new and the Orient meets the Occident in almost every corner, offering not only a beautiful touristic destination but also a unique experience for all visitors. We encourage everybody to discover the hidden treasures this country has to offer.

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